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Finding all the things
Finding all the things

First Folio Inc. is continuing the process of winding down. Below is a list of staff that have indicated that they are interested in continuing to work in their respective fields. Please feel free to get in touch.

All emails are either at gmail dot com or at rogers dot com (as indicated). So, if you are not a spamming robot: “gmail noreply” would become Yes. I know. Silly. I spent the better part of 4 hours reading everything that is readable about e-mail address obfuscation. The methods. The pros. The cons. And basically it amounts to the fact that spammers are horrible horrible people who should never be allowed to have pie again.

Tom Dart
Project Manager and Production Artist
(Adobe Creative Suite 6, layout of long and short format documents, technical art,  mathematics & business materials)
gmail tomwdart

Kim Hutchinson
Project Manager and Production Artist
(Adobe Creative Suite 6, layout of long and short format documents, business, software and educational materials, technical art, blog writing)
rogers happy4km

Collecting all the things.

Eileen Jung
(mathematics, science, psychology, accounting, business, genetics, chemistry, physics)
gmail emjung8

Loretta Johnson
Copy Editor
(school, higher ed)
gmail ljjohnson2012

Julie Kretchman
Editor and Writer
(all areas of science, social science, mathematics, education)
gmail juliekretchman

Shredding all the things

Bradley T. Smith
Editor, SMART Board Composition
gmail bradleytsmithto

Debbie Smith
(corrections/criminal justice, psychology, English, drama, guidance, education)
gmail debbiesmithedits

Staff Contacts